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Snapchat rolls out new publisher tool for simplified ad creation

Snapchat corporate parent Snap Inc. has announced the global launch of its Snap Publisher tool, meaning advertisers of all sizes can now build vertical mobile ads from directly within the social media app. Snap Publisher allows brands of all stripes to build their own Snap Ads, choosing from a number of vertical templates that can be further customised with company logos, videos and pictures. Snap Ads was first launched at Cannes in 2015, but the launch of Snap Publisher will theoretically


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B2B e-commerce customers do not necessarily have the same expectations on shipping costs, returns and other “logistics” requirements. “Free” in B2B e-commerce can have very different expectations and implications compared to B2C e-commerce. A good example of expectations can be seen in the new Parts Express site.

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Discover Exclusive Global Trade at Incredible Prices

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